On Friday of 24th December 1937, shortly before four o'clock in the afternoon, a passenger aircraft belonging to AirFrance and marked F-AMYD takes off from the Vienna airport. It's bound for Prague, Ruzyne airport. At the beginning, the flight goes on as normal and the navigation officer maintains contact with the Vienna airport. As the plane crosses the borders, the navigation officer establishes contact with the Prague airport and goniometric stations in Brno and Marianske Lazne. However, contacts with Brno and Marianske Lazne are soon disrupted due to adverse radio communication conditions. The plane depends on navigation from the Prague station only. Shortly before 5:30 p.m., the plane receives a command to change its course to azimuth 215, which is most likely a result of wrong goniometric location and navigation. The reason is that the radio operator in Prague thinks the plane has already passed over Prague and he tries to get it back. The plane is actually about 40 kilometers south of Prague, but its new report correcting its position is not received by the plane operator due to the aforementioned adverse conditions. In a short while, the change in course sends the plane to south-western Bohemia to the Sumava mountains, where it crash lands near the Kasperske Hory at 5:39 p.m. at the hillside of Hutska hora in altitude of 1131 m.(loc. JN69SC) . At the moment when other people are gathering around Christmas tables, three people die in the crash. The pilot Frantisek Lehky, navigation officer Pierre Astruc and passenger Dr. Karel Flanderka. What the real causes of the crash were has never been found out; most likely it was faulty navigation and bad weather.

Operation of the OL70AMYD station is a commemoration of this disastrous event

Operation of the OL70AMYD was over of 30th December 2007.Total result is 5881 Qso's with 71 countries . Qsl's will like answer. Many thank's to all.

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